Bruno master P√Ętissier and Chocolatier

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    Bruno Breillet grew up in Lyon, France, a city that is blessed with produce of unequaled freshness and a reputation for being at the epicenter of French gastronomy. Bruno draws a lot of his experience and all the techniques he knows from watching his mother and grandmother in the kitchen tirelessly, day after day, making dishes that nowadays are only being served on special occasions. “Make it fresh” was the motto and almost everything was made without following a recipe, as both mother and grandmother seemed to be living encyclopedias of cooking.

    Bruno started “Bruno’s French Bakes” in London in 2011 selling at local markets and catering restaurants and coffee shops. In that same year he won a Master Chef Live/BBC Good Food Show bursary award for his salted butter caramel and his sweet pastry base. He was a judge for the semi-final of the International Chocolate Awards held in London in May 2012 and was featured in the January 2013 issue of Delicious magazine. In Nov 2013 he opened his first shop in Rochester on the High Street. He has won a total of five “Great Taste Award” stars, the UK’s preeminent culinary award. Two of Bruno’s original recipes were published in DK Books, Chocolate: indulge your inner chocoholic in September 2016.

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